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Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle Presents FY 2016 Budget to City Council

Published on August 27, 2015

Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle will introduce the City’s Fiscal Year 2016 budget to the City Council at tonight’s regularly scheduled meeting.

The $334 million total budget includes $192 million in operating funds. This figure represents a $4 million, or 2 percent, increase over the FY15 operating budget. It projects a three percent increase in sales tax revenues, which will be largely absorbed by employee costs and mandatory increases in operating costs. While lean, the budget does provide a modest increase in funding for departments, including a one percent cost of living raise for all employees.

“I am pleased to say the City of Huntsville remains fiscally strong due to our conservative management practices,” said Mayor Tommy Battle. “We expect to provide the same quality level of services that we have been able to provide our citizens year after year, with an emphasis on capital plans for roads, infrastructure, parks and other qualify of life amenities.”

The Mayor says revenues never come close to meeting all of the needs, requirements and desires of the City, but he believes the budget focuses dollars on the areas that matter most.

Highlights of the FY16 Budget
Funding for three new police officer positions
$4.3 million for road resurfacing
$37.9 million in road construction (includes $25 million for Restore Our Roads)
$3.5 million for parks and recreation/quality of life projects
$1.8 million in new fleet purchases
$21 million for Huntsville City Schools
$12.3 million for outside agencies

Following tonight’s introduction, Council members are expected to review the budget in greater detail and give final approval before the FY16 year begins October 1.