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Huntsville Transit Improvement Plan recommends Sunday service, extended hours

Published on February 9, 2023

The City of Huntsville’s fixed-route and paratransit service will see significant enhancements over the next few years, including the possibility of Sunday service and extended hours.

Those recommendations are part of a new Transit Improvement Plan, the culmination of several months of analysis by Huntsville Transit and public transportation consultant Nelson\Nygaard. Feedback gathered from a broad range of stakeholders also informed the final five-phase plan.

Huntsville Transit worked with Nelson\Nygaard four years ago to analyze operations and create an earlier Transit Improvement Plan. Most of the plan’s recommendations were implemented, including 30-minute service on three routes, a new transit hub at the Dr. Richard Showers, Sr. Recreation Center, Saturday service, expanded paratransit service, and extending evening service to 9 p.m. on weekdays.

Previously, Autry said there was only one round of public listening sessions. This time, there was a concerted effort to engage with a greater cross-section of the community.

“There was extensive outreach, including to our local companies to learn more about the needs of their employees,” said Huntsville Transit Manager John Autry. “We had two rounds of community meetings, town halls and surveys for both existing riders and nonriders who had an interest in Huntsville Transit.”


Public feedback yielded several service recommendations, including service on Sunday, more frequent service and later service. Riders also want service to new areas as well as new crosstown service.

Expanded paratransit service, improved pedestrian crossings and bus stops, and potential partnerships with universities and colleges were also recommended.

Autry said implementation of the first phase could happen as early as December, with additional phases added over the coming years. Also affecting the implementation timeline is the new Huntsville Transit Transfer Station on Pratt Avenue, set to open in late 2023 or early 2024.

Here’s a look at the plan’s recommendations:

Phase 1

  • Realign routes to streamline service
  • Add Sunday service
  • Add Route 56 (Bidirectional service along Memorial Parkway, Hobbs Road and Bailey Cove Road)
  • Upgrade Route 4 on Saturday
  • Upgrade Route 8 to 30 minutes

Phase 2

  • Upgrade Routes 5 and 9 to 30 minutes
  • Extend weekday service to 10 p.m.
  • Add Route 100 (service to Huntsville International Airport and Greenbrier Parkway)

Phase 3

  • Upgrade Route 4 to 15 minutes
  • Extend Saturday service to 8 p.m.

Phase 4

  • Upgrade Routes 3 and 7 to 30 minutes

Phase 5

  • Upgrade Routes 6 and 10 to 30 minutes

Each phase of the plan recommends adding buses to meet peak ridership needs. At full implementation, the new plan requires 24 peak buses. Huntsville Transit currently operates 13 peak buses.

“I’m very pleased with the recommendations outlined in this plan, which I believe will not only improve service for our current customers, but also increase future ridership,” said Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle. “As Huntsville continues to grow, it’s important that we provide the best service possible to meet the needs of the community.”

Visit HuntsvilleAL.gov/Transit to learn more about Huntsville Transit’s current routes and service times.