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Huntsville’s Oldest Black Fraternity presents MLK Unity Award to Mayor Tommy Battle

Published on January 21, 2019

Mayor Battle receives MLK Unity Award

Mayor Tommy Battle was among two recipients to receive the Unity Award at the 34th annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Unity Breakfast, hosted by Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, the city’s oldest black fraternity.

The Unity Award is presented to “recognize and honor two unsung heroes from our community who give unselfishly of themselves to the causes of unity, justice and quality.”

Mayor Battle said he was deeply humbled and honored by the recognition and accepted the award on behalf of the 195,000 residents living in the Huntsville and the City’s 2,100 employees.

“This community has worked hard to live up to the ideals of Dr. King by committing ourselves to become an inclusive community,” said Mayor Battle.

“We must all sit around the table to achieve Dr. King’s dream. Mayor, Council members, clergy, businessmen and women, community leaders, and citizens – all working in concert for openness, tolerance and respect.”

The Mayor pledged that his office would always have an open table for conversation.

“Anyone who wants to build an inclusive community is welcome at our table. Together, we will continue to move forward, to unite, and to live up to Dr. King’s ideals. Thank you, and God bless.”

Today’s breakfast was held at the Von Braun Civic Center’s North Hall.

Photo of MLK Unity Breakfast


Photo of MLK Unity Award



Mayor Battle and Frederick Whitlow with their awards
Frederick K. Whitlow II and Mayor Tommy Battle are the 2019 recipients of the Unity Award.