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Intern Retrospectives: How I spent a summer vacation in City Hall

Published on August 21, 2018

Summer Internships graphic

Each year the City of Huntsville offers summer internships to college students with an interest in career building or with a strong desire to experience municipal government. The selection process is competitive, and students chosen for the positions work for 10 weeks, eight hours a day, in a variety of departments across the City.

After the 2018 internship session came to a close in mid-August, Mayor Tommy Battle congratulated the 10 interns serving this year and thanked them for their service. “Each year, I say these are the best and brightest pool of interns we have seen, and each year the students continue to impress, amaze, and enrich our environment. If these students represent our future, we are in capable hands,” said Battle.

City employees say they learn as much from the interns as the students do from them. The interns bring fresh perspectives, an ability to process vast amounts of information along with a respectful questioning of norms, and the much-appreciated tech tip. They will be missed.

City Blog asked several interns to provide a retrospective on their experiences in Huntsville City Hall. Enjoy!


Molly Hollman – Communication Office

“Find and seize opportunity”


Cole Cooper – Business Relations

“Experience and execution matter”


Sierra Bernard – City Council

“Meant to help others” 


Ashley McCarley – Communication Office

“Never a boring day”


Mikala King – Multicultural Affairs

“There is great love in this city”


Amy Zari – Traffic Engineering

“Not everything can be learned from school”