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Keeping Huntsville accessible: City asks drivers to stay off the lines

Published on January 27, 2022

Drivers who aren’t disabled rarely pay much attention to “blue lines” in parking lots and garages, but they are a necessity for drivers who also use a wheelchair.

The blue lines are part of van-accessible parking spaces, designed for vans with wheelchair lifts. Similar to accessible parking spaces, they include a 96-inch access aisle, signified by the blue-lined boxes. They also have vertical clearance to accommodate van height and include “van accessible” signs.

Unfortunately, some drivers aren’t aware of the importance of van-accessible spaces and park on the blue lines. Doing so prevents a van driver from being able to deploy their lift to exit and enter their vehicle. Even worse, a driver can be trapped outside their own vehicle because the driver of the offending vehicle can’t be found.

“We write several tickets for this and once it goes to court, the recipient of the ticket will state they didn’t know they couldn’t park there,” said Quisha Bryant, director of Parking and Public Transportation. “We ask all drivers to be kind and stay off the lines.”

Watch the video below to learn more:

Need more information or want to report an issue? Visit the Parking and Public Transportation Office webpage or call 256-427-6811 to speak to an operator.