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Limestone County landowner requests City of Huntsville annexation

Published on August 10, 2023

An ordinance introduced at the Aug. 10 Huntsville City Council meeting calls for the acceptance of more than 695 acres in Limestone County into the City of Huntsville.

The annexation requests were made by three individual landowners whose properties lie west of Interstate 65 and east of Springfield Road.

“Huntsville’s western corridor continues to develop at a healthy pace, and we welcome the opportunity to bring this acreage into our portfolio of future development opportunities,” said Shane Davis, Director of Urban and Economic Development.

Significant infrastructure improvements throughout Huntsville’s western corridor have been made over the past decade, including major roads, utilities and public safety infrastructure. The infrastructure allows newly annexed properties to take immediate advantage of municipal services and contribute to the tax base without requiring additional City resources.

“The City developed a strategy in 2008 to create new job opportunities and grow a tax base,” Davis said. “This strategy has produced over 14,000 new jobs and over $6 billion in tax base for the City. These results allow Huntsville to reinvest this new tax base into Huntsville and our school system. Limestone County landowners have seen the success of Huntsville’s strategy and continue to request to be part of the Huntsville story.”

Mayor Tommy Battle called the annexation a win-win for the landowners and the City.

“We master-planned West Huntsville more than 12 years ago, built the infrastructure and funded plans for additional public resources,” Mayor Battle said. “The success we’ve experienced has far exceeded our expectations. This new annexation allows us to provide more options for people who want to live, work and play in this beautiful area.”

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Following the Aug. 10 introduction, a final vote on the proposed annexation will come two weeks later at Council’s next regularly scheduled meeting on Aug. 24.