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Need help after the storm? 211 a valuable resource for residents

Published on March 25, 2021

When severe weather damages property, homeowners and renters often don’t know where to turn for help.

In Huntsville and Madison County, residents should dial 211 Connects Alabama in the event they are left without shelter. The 211 system serves as a clearinghouse for both state and local resources.

“If it’s an emergency and you’re in danger, call 911 first and get yourself out of danger,” said Scott Erwin, Huntsville’s Community Development manager. “If you’re safe and you need to know what your next steps are, call 211. They can help identify what your needs are and put you in touch with the right organization.”

Erwin said the service provides a critical need for anyone who has lost their home and doesn’t have a friend or relative to stay with until new housing is available. He described 211 as a “coalition of organizations” that includes the local Red Cross and United Way. Manna House and the Food Bank of North Alabama are also part of the network for those who need food assistance.

211 Connects Alabama also serves as a database for volunteers who want to help with storm recovery, Erwin said. Anyone with experience in storm cleanup, including chainsaw operators or those who can provide food or water, are urged to sign up. For those who want to donate financially, Erwin recommends giving directly to the charity of their choice.

For more information, visit the 211 Connects Alabama website.