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Progress report: City of Huntsville reviews BIG Picture master plan

Published on July 28, 2022

In 2018, the City of Huntsville unveiled its first published, comprehensive master plan shaped by direct and frequent input from citizens.

Two men in suits stand in front of dais during news conference
Huntsville Manager of Urban and Long-Range Planning Dennis Madsen speaks at podium while Mayor Tommy Battle looks on.

That input encompassed more than 200 public workshops and lectures, a 24/7 online idea forum and an informative traveling exhibit to help craft the guide as a compass and roadmap for smart, sustainable growth.

Four years later, City leaders are celebrating progress resulting from The BIG Picture, a living, breathing plan that adapts and bends with changing times.

“Since we kicked off The BIG Picture planning process in 2014, we’ve seen significant growth in Huntsville, which is now the largest City in Alabama,” said Mayor Tommy Battle. “This plan has helped shape our community in a positive way and will continue to direct how we grow and enhance quality of life.”

BIG Picture update

Mayor Battle joined Manager of Urban and Long-Range Planning Dennis Madsen on Thursday, July 28, for a news conference updating the public about The BIG Picture. Designed for anyone interested in Huntsville’s future or urban planning, the document is available for viewing at BigPictureHuntsville.com.

To provide a snapshot of The BIG Picture and where Huntsville’s heading, the City will launch a monthslong educational campaign for the public beginning in August and running through December. The effort will include:

  • Informative blogs on the City’s website to include a variety of topics, such as alternative modes, transportation, housing, arts and culture, and more
  • Social media content on The BIG Picture Facebook page
  • Public-facing events designed to spur conversation in the community

Madsen, a former associate with Urban Collage in Atlanta, came to the City of Huntsville in January 2013. For eight years, he’s maintained the City’s comprehensive master plan to help lead Huntsville’s future.

“The BIG Picture allows us as City leaders to take a far-reaching look at what Huntsville may look like in 5, 10, 15 years and beyond,” Madsen said. “Those who want to follow along and join the conversation are encouraged to do so by visiting our website, City Blog and social page for updates.”