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Storm Debris Removal and Garbage Pick-up Information 

Published on May 22, 2017

Residents are cleaning up from last weekend’s severe storms, and Huntsville Public Works crews are preparing to pick up yard debris, left curbside, over the next few weeks.

As a public service in the aftermath of a storm event, Public Works will waive the regular 10 cubic yard restriction during this cleanup period. Homeowners are still required to have the debris cut into lengths no larger than five feet.

If the homeowner has engaged the services of a contractor, the contractor shall be responsible for the complete removal of the debris material generated by the storm event.

More information can be found in the City code (Ordinances Section 22 – 79 Bulky Waste, White Goods and Loose Yard Material and Section 22 – 80 Services Not Provided by City). Visit the City website huntsvilleal.gov/trash and view the information on Curbside Collection.

The Sanitation Department is also anticipating trash collection delays this week due to extensive storm damage.  Crews are working diligently to ensure all storm debris and cans are picked up, and they will work extended hours and into the weekend if necessary. Cans not emptied during regularly scheduled routes, or storm limbs and debris not picked up, should be left curbside until workers arrive.

For more information, visit huntsvilleal.gov/trash.