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Vehicle Crash Investigation

Published on August 27, 2019

Huntsville Police Badge

Huntsville Police investigated a vehicle crash at Jordan Ln. and Oakwood Ave. yesterday at approximately 1420 hrs. A driver, driving a Chevrolet p/u heading south on Jordan Ln., attempted a left turn onto Oakwood Ave on a solid green signal (no green arrow). A large dump truck travelling north on Jordan Ln. was also going through the intersection on a solid green signal and was unable to avoid the crash striking the Chevrolet p/u.  The dump truck subsequently turned on its side and slid into a Huntsville City Transit Bus that was in the lane to turn right from north bound Jordan Ln. onto east bound Oakwood Ave.

The Chevrolet p/u has been determined to be at fault in this crash by failing to yield when turning left on a solid green light. At this time, there are no arrests or criminal charges expected.