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Animal Services Opens New Cat World to Promote Feline Adoptions

Published on December 12, 2016

Huntsville Animal Services announced it has been awarded a $50,000 grant from the Petco Foundation to support the Shelter’s new “Cat World,” a room designed exclusively for felines to be temporarily housed until adopted.

The total cost of Cat World is about $250,000. It features the most advanced ventilation system and can accommodate up to 60 felines. Future plans include two enclosed visitation/play rooms for cats and kittens to exercise and spend time with visiting adopters. The Petco Foundation grant will be used to purchase larger condos for the cats and kittens. According to Animal Services director Karen Sheppard, a cat or kitten with plenty of room to wiggle stays happier and healthier.

“Cats are solitary creates and like having all of their resources in their own little space. They don’t like to be threatened by anything, prefer not to hear barking dogs and to be with their own kind,” said Sheppard. “Cats are also particularly anxious about smells and the new ventilation system will help keep our four legged cats and our two legged adopters happy.”

The Shelter’s goal is to have rescued pets vetted, treated and adopted within a week. But that all depends upon the community’s willingness to be a part of the process – both in terms of responsible owner behavior and in adopting unwanted pets.

“The City has committed to making significant improvements to our Shelter and in our programs for fosters, adoptions, and spay and neuter,” said Mayor Tommy Battle. “The $50,000 gift from Petco helps us further our mission to save treatable and adoptable pets. We are grateful to Petco for their generous support.” 

Photo of black kitten for adoption
This lovable black kitten is looking for a new home for the holidays


Photo of Gray Kitten
Lots of purrs coming from this sweet kitten in need of a forever home.