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City of Huntsville Statement on Spring Pygmy Sunfish

Published on July 25, 2018

The City of Huntsville has the following statement regarding environmental protections in place on the Megasite for the Spring Pygmy Sunfish:


“The City of Huntsville has been working diligently for almost a decade to preserve and sustain the habitat of the Spring Pygmy Sunfish as part of an extensive environmental approval process for the Megasite property. The Spring Pygmy Sunfish environment is better today than when the City of Huntsville purchased the property and better than it has been in the last fifty years when it was a farming operation. The aquifer is protected. We remain confident the designed plan to protect the environment is sound. These measures have been reviewed and approved by technical professionals as well as State and Federal agencies, and we are committed to ensuring these safeguards and best practices remain in place. In doing so, we believe the Moss Spring habitat will remain a healthy safeguard for the Spring Pygmy Sunfish very similar to the nearby habitat located in Blackwell Spring/Blackwell Swamp within the Wheeler Wildlife Refuge.”