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City seeks applicants for first Affordable Housing Manager position

Published on May 8, 2024

Affordable housing is a top concern for families nationwide, especially in cities experiencing rapid growth. To ensure Huntsville stays on top of this concern, the City of Huntsville is currently seeking applicants for its first Affordable Housing Manager.

The City’s new Affordable Housing Manager will be tasked with developing and implementing strategies, policies and plans to address the housing needs of the community by collaborating with various stakeholders to create affordable, safe and sustainable housing options.

“Amidst daily reports of rising housing costs, this reaffirms the City’s commitment to affordable housing for both existing and new residents,” Mayor Tommy Battle said. “This position will assist the City in addressing housing needs and further attract a workforce to Huntsville.”

According to the National Low Income Housing Coalition, families have constrained opportunities to increase earnings without affordable housing. Every dollar invested in affordable housing boosts local economies by leveraging public and private resources to generate income and supports job creation and retention.

“An Affordable Housing Manager at the City level will provide a strategic focus on housing options,” City Community Development Director Scott Erwin said. “We are thrilled to finally be able to advertise the position nationwide to attract the most qualified applicants to Huntsville.”

The position requires a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Urban Planning, Housing Studies, Public Administration or a related field, a minimum of five years of experience in housing or a related field and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) experience.

To view the full Affordable Housing Manager job description, click here.