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Green Cove Road Investigation

Published on September 27, 2018

Huntsville Police have been notified that the persons of interest in the murder of Tiffany Kelley were taken into custody on separate charges by the Clarke County Sheriff’s Department. The Huntsville Police Department has been working closely with Clarke County Sheriff Ray Norris since Tuesday, sharing information that was critical in bringing this to a safe resolution. The victim’s vehicle was also located in Clarke County, which is the home town of X’Zavier Scott. It is still unknown at this time why the two were in the Huntsville area. Huntsville Police would like to thank Sheriff Norris and all other agencies involved for their cooperation in the capture of X’Zavier Scott and his juvenile accomplice. This is a great example of information sharing between multiple agencies leading to a swift apprehension of violent offenders. Our Major Crimes investigators have been working diligently, around the clock, to bring this criminal investigation to a peaceful resolution.



Huntsville Police Investigators have obtained two arrest warrants for Capital Murder in relation to the murder of Tiffany Kelley on September 22nd. X’Zavier Scott and his juvenile accomplice are both being charged, and are currently being held in Clarke County Jail until arrangements can be made for their transfer to Madison County.