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HPD Academy Acquires Virtra 300 Training Simulator

Published on August 6, 2019

Huntsville Police Badge

The Huntsville Police Academy recently acquired the Virtra 300 Training Simulator.  This simulator allows officers to train using communication skills, tactical and verbal de-escalation techniques, taser, and deadly force situations using standard-issue weapons.  Virtra incorporates the same de-escalations techniques taught in our police academy directly into the simulations.

This simulator also provides top-of-the-line, 300-degree wrap-around video firearms training that enables officers to train for the most difficult real-world situations, including ambushes, active shooters, and maintaining full situational awareness during extreme stress.  This is truly revolutionary police training, available to both new recruits and veteran officers.

The Huntsville Police Department invites the media to a demonstration which will include members of the media participating in the simulator training on Thursday, August 8th at 2 p.m.  This will be held at the Huntsville Police Academy.