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Huntsville pays tribute to front-line City workers: #OneHuntsville

Published on May 4, 2020

Photo of the One-Huntsville image projected onto a building at night in downtown huntsville

The City of Huntsville has remained open for business throughout the COVID-19 shutdown to protect and care for the public’s needs. Employees have taken every precaution possible to provide daily services for residents. From 911 to Fire & Rescue, Sanitation, Public Transit, Public Works and more – every department in the City of Huntsville stepped up to help.

Mayor Tommy Battle asked several City employees to submit cell phone video of them on the job for the City to share with you in this tribute to #OneHuntsville.


“Huntsville is an exceptional community and it is worth recognizing the best of who we are, and that includes our ability to safely care for each other and get through this health crisis,” said Mayor Battle. “As our businesses restart this week, we remain grateful to all those front-line workers who stayed on the job to keep our community running. It is the power of #OneHuntsville.”

graphic of #OneHuntsville