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Huntsville Police Conduct Incident Review Board

Published on November 19, 2020

Huntsville Police Badge

Huntsville Police conducted an Incident Review Board on Tuesday November 17th  regarding the actions of officers from an October 17th shooting involving 57 yr. old Alberto Rivas.  After a 911 call, officers were dispatched to a residence in the 2100 block of Edinburgh Dr for a possible domestic disturbance. When officers arrived, Rivas was seen with a handgun as he came to the door responding to their knock. Although officers identified themselves as Huntsville Police several times, and directed Rivas to put the gun down, Rivas raised the gun at one of the officers and proceeded onto the porch where he was shot by one officer. Officers immediately called HEMSI to render aid to Rivas. He was later pronounced deceased due to his injuries.

The Review Board found the officers involved were within the policies and procedures of the Huntsville Police Department. In attendance were representatives from the Madison County DA’s Office, Huntsville City Legal, HPD Training Staff and Members from the Huntsville Citizen Advisory Council. Incident Review Boards are conducted to ensure HPD personnel followed training and standard operating procedures. During the review, Body Worn Camera footage, 911 audio and officer statements were carefully examined by the Review Board.