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Huntsville Police Named 2015 Model Agency for School Resource Officer Program

Published on May 6, 2015

Photo of Huntsville Police Department Receiving Model Agency Award

The Huntsville Police Department has been notified it is the 2015 recipient of the Model Agency Award by the National Association of School Resource Officers. The Model Agency award is presented to agencies that exemplify NASRO’s best practices. These practices are designed to ensure professional service to the school community and creative and innovative approach to school based policing, according to NASRO.

“Although we had many worth nominations, your agency’s tremendous accomplishments stood out to the committee,” said Lt. Earl Roach, NASRO Awards Committee Chair. “Your program is indeed a shining example of the school resource officer program.”

Sergeant Eddie Houk will accept the award on behalf of his department at the NASRO School Safety Conference on July 7. The Chief says it is rewarding to have the HPD program recognized for its strong relationship with City schools.

“Our school resource officers have worked to make sure this program benefits students on many levels,” said Chief Morris. “First and foremost, they strive to provide a safe, learning environment, but our officers are also there to help kids when the have a problem. There may be a situation at home or an issue with bullying, and the students know they can go to one of our officers for help.”

When school resource officers serve as teacher, counselor, and law enforcement officer, they can have a positive impact on a young person’s life.

“We have 19 officers in our program city-wide, and we are proud that their presence in the schools affords young people the opportunity to interact with police outside of their normal duties,” said Morris.


Huntsville Police Department Recieving Model Agency Award