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Huntsville Transit seeks comments on proposed Orbit route changes

Published on September 15, 2023

An Orbit bus is seen on a street with a tree and brick building in the background. The bus is blue, purple and white and has "orbit" on the side.

Huntsville Transit patrons are invited to an upcoming public meeting to provide input about proposed modifications to three Orbit shuttle routes.

The meeting will be 10 a.m. Wednesday, Sept. 20, at the Transfer Station Platform, 500B Church St., Huntsville. The public can view maps, learn more about the proposed changes and provide feedback to Huntsville Transit officials.

Quisha Bryant, Director of Huntsville’s Parking & Public Transportation Department, said tweaks to routes 1, 2 and 4 will help improve service times and performance. They will also decrease operators’ risk of an accident because it takes buses out of congested areas.

“For the most part, these changes are minor, but we are required to solicit public feedback before they are implemented,” she said. “We look forward to hearing those comments, as they are critical in developing routes that work best for our patrons.”


Changes will go into effect on Oct. 4 and only impact Orbit shuttles.

The proposed modifications are as follows:

Route 1

Bus stops on the downtown square will be eliminated. Patrons can access shuttles from Clinton Avenue and Jefferson Street as buses will stop in both directions.

The outbound downtown route segment that runs west along Randolph Avenue will be replaced with the same segment traveling west along Clinton Avenue. The inbound downtown segment that runs east along Eustis Avenue from Madison Street to Lincoln Street will be rerouted to continue north on Clinton Avenue, making the left northbound turn onto Lincoln Street.

At the Senior Center on Ivy Avenue, buses will stop on Ivy near the drive-through entrance and will not pull under the awning at the front door. Bus stop signs will be placed on both sides of the road. This route will continue serving the Russell Erskine apartment tower on Clinton, Todd Towers between Lincoln and Green streets, and the Huntsville Summit in both directions.

Route 2

Outbound buses will no longer make the route deviation that runs through the Valley Garden Apartments. Instead, passengers traveling to and from Valley Garden can access the shuttle at the Fairacres Road bus stop. This stop has a passenger shelter and wheelchair access.

From Newson Road Southwest, buses will make a right on Gruden Drive, left on Squaw Valley Drive, right on Centaur Boulevard, left on Telstar Circle Southwest, to Patton Road.

Route 4

The Route 4 segment running north and south to Bridge Street Town Centre will be eliminated, but access will still be provided on Route 3 from the downtown transfer station.

A new outbound service will be added on Route 4 – west on Rime Village Drive Northwest, north on Mainline Way Northwest, right on Moore Farm Lane Northwest, left to northbound Enterprise Way, and on to eastbound University Drive.

A new transit bus stop will also be added on Wayne Circle Northwest to serve passengers to and from the Walmart Supercenter, eliminating the portion of the route through the parking lot to the front door of the store.

Click here to learn more about the public meeting and route changes.