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Ribbon-cutting ceremony caps major renovation of North Huntsville’s James C. Crawford Park

Published on February 27, 2024

The name’s the same, but Huntsville’s James C. Crawford Park has a fresh new look following a four-month renovation project.

James Crawford cuts the ribbon on the newly renovated James C. Crawford Park. He's wearing a red athletic suit with an Alabama A&M logo. He's joined by other people, who are wearing suits. They are holding a blue ribbon.
James Crawford cuts the ribbon on the newly renovated James C. Crawford Park in North Huntsville. Crawford was joined by District 1 Council Member Devyn Keith, Parks & Recreation Director James Gossett, Mayor Tommy Battle and members of the Edmonton Heights community.

Since joining the City’s park network in 2004, James C. Crawford Park (3915 Melody Road NE) has become a beloved gathering place for families, children and anyone looking for a pickup basketball game. Recognizing the need for modernization and accessibility improvements, the City embarked on a comprehensive refresh.

The project included the demolition of the outdoor basketball court and the construction of a full-size regulation basketball court with two goals. Additionally, a new 20-by-80-foot pavilion was installed, complete with picnic tables, lighting and electrical outlets. New ADA-accessible hardscapes ensure all members of the community can enjoy the park’s amenities.

One of the most significant enhancements is the improved connectivity on the east side of Melody Lane, which now seamlessly integrates with the west side, where restrooms and playground equipment are located. To accommodate visitors, parking spaces have been added to the west side parking lot, enhancing accessibility and convenience.

“Beyond the new features and amenities, this park is a testament to what can be achieved through collaboration, a shared vision and some hard work by our own General Services, Landscape Management and Parks & Recreation employees,” Mayor Tommy Battle said. “It’s easy to see this as just a park, but it’s much more than that. It’s a symbol of our commitment to creating a vibrant, inclusive and thriving community for all.”

District 1 Council Member Devyn Keith expressed gratitude for the City’s investment in Crawford Park. He also thanked members of the community who supported the project.

“This renovation represents a vital commitment to North Huntsville’s recreational opportunities,” Keith said. “Crawford Park has been a cornerstone of District 1 for two decades, hosting countless gatherings and recreational activities. I commend the City for recognizing the importance of preserving and improving quality of life in this community.”

James Gossett, Director of Parks & Recreation, extended his appreciation to the City’s Administration and General Services departments for their dedication to the project.

“The renovation of James Crawford Park exemplifies our department’s mission to provide safe and accessible public parks for all City residents,” said Gossett. “We are proud to unveil these enhancements, which will enrich the lives of our community members for years to come.”

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