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Shape the Future of the Huntsville Shuttle Bus

Published on August 23, 2018

Huntsville Shuttle Bus

We want to hear from you!

The City of Huntsville is conducting a transit study to help improve and grow its public transit system over the next five to ten years.

Next Tuesday, Aug. 28, the City will host three public listening events to hear from residents. At each gathering, the City will have informational boards and interactive exercises to review progress on the Transit Plan and ask for opinions on proposed near-term improvements to the Shuttle bus system. This is a good opportunity for residents to provide feedback, through surveys and comments, on the future of public transit in Huntsville.

To help update the Transit Plan, transportation consultants Nelson Nygaard will provide direction on three critical areas:

  • Saturday service
  • Aging population that will live longer and more independently
  • Growing workforce in the western industrial corridor

“We’ve maximized our transit system, and this study is taking a close look at our current operating situation and will suggest ways to be more efficient and effective,” said Tommy Brown, Director of Parking and Public Transit.

Brown is looking for ways to expand public transit, make service more efficient, increase ridership, explore new technologies and to produce an implementable 5-year plan.

Public Transit Meetings, Tuesday, August 28:

  • Senior Center, 9 – 10 a.m., 2200 Drake Avenue
  • Downtown Bus Transfer Center, 11 a.m. – 3 p.m., 500 Church Street
  • Showers Recreation Center, 4 -6 p.m., 4600 Blue Spring Road

Public transit consultants, Nelson Nygaard, have posted an online survey for resident input about experiences and needs for the Huntsville Shuttle Bus and Handi-Ride systems. The survey will be available through September 28.

Take the Huntsville Transit Survey

Residents may also invite City transit and planning staff to speak to their organization or community group to learn more about the Transit Study and provide feedback. Contact John.Autry@HuntsvilleAL.gov.


Huntsville’s public transit network serves about 4,000 citizens every day. The Huntsville Shuttle Bus has 12 traditional routes, two routes running every 30 minutes, and the others every hour. Handi-Ride operates 17 smaller buses by appointment to serve the elderly and disabled.