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Traffic Safety Checkpoints

Published on December 15, 2016

Huntsville Police Department Shield

The Huntsville Police Department D.U.I. Task Force will be conducting Traffic Safety Checkpoints Saturday night, December 17.  The Task Force utilizes data provided by the State that determines traffic accident hotspots across the city.  There are 40 designated hotspots throughout Huntsville, and they will be conducting checkpoints at one or more of those locations.  If you are stopped at a Traffic Safety Checkpoint be prepared to present your driver license, proof of insurance and vehicle tag registration to the officers.


The D.U.I. Task Force uses Traffic Safety Checkpoints to help detect and deter impaired driving.  If you see someone drinking and driving please contact the Huntsville Police Department at (256)722-7100.  When you call be prepared to give the location, vehicle description, driver description, and direction of travel for the suspected vehicle.  Please be responsible and do not drink and drive.