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Friends of Trees help grow Huntsville’s Tree Canopy

Published on January 26, 2024

The next time you’re walking along the Aldridge Creek Greenway and you notice some newly-planted trees, think about the City of Huntsville’s Green Team and the Friends of Trees organization. Because when they teamed up for a tree planting in December, they were thinking about the people walking along the greenway.

Green Team and Friends of Trees worked together to plant 80 trees on the greenway in December in a continuing effort to bolster Huntsville’s tree canopy.

Friends of Trees raised more than $17,000 in a months-long fundraiser to pay for the project. The trees were larger than the typical planted trees and Green Team assisted by digging the holes to plant the trees and then worked with Friends of Trees to get them put into place.

The planting is part of the Green Team and Friends of Trees’ efforts to not only preserve the city’s tree canopy but to help it grow for future generations.

Jerry Berg of Friends of Trees said the planting at Aldridge Creek was needed to help fill in gaps in the greenway’s tree coverage.

City Arborist Marc Byers said the tree planting is part of the City’s continued commitment toward growing its tree canopy.