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Huntsville Transit announces launch of new touchless fare app

Published on February 21, 2022

An Orbit bus is seen at a stop next to a building.

Huntsville Transit customers will soon be able to purchase fares and board a bus with the few swipes of an app.

Beginning Feb. 22, Token Transit will be accepted on all Orbit and Access buses. The app makes it easier for smartphone users to ride while also providing a contactless payment method for operators.

The Token Transit app is available in the App Store for iPhone and Google Play for Android devices.

“This is an exciting step toward making public transportation easier to use and more accessible for everyone,” Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle said. “Smartphones are such an integral part of our daily lives, so being able to board a bus using an app seems like a natural extension.”

What is Token Transit?

Based in San Francisco, Token Transit’s mission is to provide an easy and convenient rider experience. The app allows riders to purchase fares and board a bus by showing the driver a pass on their phone.

Quisha Bryant, Director of Parking and Public Transportation for the City of Huntsville, said Token Transit would provide several benefits to Huntsville Transit, including decreased costs, improved service and more riders.

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“Because most of our customers own a smartphone, a system for easy mobile payments creates accessibility for everyone,” she said. “Additional accessibility will allow us to attract customers who might not ordinarily choose public transit as a means of mobility.”

The app should also improve efficiency for both operators and riders. A cashless fare transaction takes 4-5 seconds to conduct when boarding, whereas depositing cash in the farebox takes approximately 22 seconds.

Catalyst for growth

Tuesday’s roll-out represents a soft launch, but Transit Manager John Autry believes the app could be a catalyst for significant growth. For example, local colleges, universities and employers could buy bulk fares for students and staff and send them to individuals via text.

“Token Transit will no doubt improve service for our individual riders, but it could be a big benefit for businesses and schools that need transportation for employees and students,” Autry said. “We look forward to unlocking the full potential of the system.”

For more information, visit tokentransit.com or download the app to your smartphone.