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Round II of Renovations for Big Spring Park East

Published on November 17, 2015

Portions of Big Spring Park East have been closed for renovations to update sidewalks and address drainage issues in the main lawn.

General Services Director Jeff Easter says citizens may not remember there is an old road that runs under the park, and that has caused some problems with drainage and plant growth.

“We will be digging under the lawn, down through the old road, to install an underground storm drain system before adding more topsoil that will allow a healthy lawn to grow,” said Easter.

The City will also be reconfiguring and widening many of the sidewalks to reflect a mix of concrete with brick paver borders. New benches are being installed and new plant material added. The cost of the park project is $350,000 and General Services expects to be finished by April 2016 in time for Panoply and other spring events.

This is the second phase of repairs to the park area east of Church Street. Last year, the City completed major repairs near the original spring and addressed sink holes related to water flow in the canal.

The City is also planning major repairs to the lagoon in Big Spring Park, west of Church Street, and those are scheduled to begin in fall 2016.