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Creating space for curbside trash and recycling collection

Published on September 9, 2019

There’s a new cart on the block! The City of Huntsville is pleased to see tens of thousands of new blue carts sitting curbside, thanks to residents opting to participate in the recently launched recycling program through Recycling Alliance North Alabama (RANA).

Now that RANA carts are parked alongside the City of Huntsville’s green trash receptacles, Huntsville’s Sanitation Department is reminding residents the carts need to be at least five feet apart.

“Our automated collection trucks need the space to secure the cart and empty the trash,” said Stacy Prince, Environmental Services Inspector, Huntsville Public Works Department. “If the carts are too close together, the cans fall over and trash spills all over the street. That can significantly slow the day’s collection process.”

City ordinances require garbage and recycling carts to be placed five feet away from each other, as well as from mailboxes, utility poles, flower beds, fences, parked cars and other obstacles. The spacing is necessary for automated trucks and drivers to safely collect trash.

“We appreciate the public’s help in properly placing their carts on the street,” said Prince. “It may seem like a little thing, but they’re helping us keep our community clean and our trash collection trucks on schedule.”

photo of trash carts parked too close together picture of trash carts parked on curb five feet apart