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Green Team Volunteer Spotlight – Helion Lodge

Published on May 30, 2024

Helion Lodge, the oldest Masonic lodge in north Alabama, describes itself on its website as “a beacon of light, illuminating the path of self-improvement, moral growth and benevolence.”

With such a DNA, it only makes sense that the lodge would be longtime volunteers with Green Team’s Adopt-a-Spot program. While the organization supports such community efforts as the annual Mayor’s Tree Planting Day, the University of Alabama in Huntsville’s Suicide Prevention Fundraising Walk and the Alzheimer’s Association fundraising walk, keeping its adopted area along Pratt Avenue litter free never fades into the background.

Helion joined with the City in 2009 and 15 years later, its members keep volunteering.

“It’s been impressive that there were several programs that (the lodge) started and some kind of come and go, depending on interest,” said Helion member Michael Feld. “But this one has been going for 15 years.”

Helion conducts three to four cleanups a year along Pratt Avenue and collects an average of 35-45 bags of trash annually.

Beyond those numbers, though, is an initiative by Helion to mentor the next generation of volunteers – a sort of sustainability all its own. Members of the Masonic youth group, ages 12 to 21, often join Helion members on cleanup days.

“Getting out there and supporting Green Team, supporting the Alzheimer’s Walk, supporting the Suicide Awareness Walk, that gives us a connection back to the community that we’re in as opposed to just going behind closed doors and doing our meetings,” said Jason Crowe, another Helion member.

Helion embraces the fact that its time volunteering with Green Team makes a difference, and that difference resonates throughout the community.

“When we can show that someone notices what we’re doing, then people are more inclined to support it,” Crowe said. “It makes a difference. People see it and know that we’re out there and it’s not that we’re just out there walking around for a little while.”

Green Team always has room for more volunteers and will provide everything an individual or a group needs: gloves, bags, litter sticks and safety vests. Just fill out a volunteer form to get started.

eight people standing together outdoors on a roadway under a sign that says Adopt a Mile - Helion Lodge
Helion Lodge volunteers are proud to help keep portions of Pratt Avenue litter free.

If you are someone you know is interested in adopting a mile, spot or stream, visit Green Team’s information page on its popular Adopt a Spot program.