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Huntsville Police Launch Summer Slowdown Campaign

Published on June 27, 2019

Pardon our progress! The City of Huntsville has more Roadwork Projects under way than at any time in its history. All this construction may be temporarily challenging for motorists, but the improvements will be worth the wait. To ensure that drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians stay safe on the roads, Huntsville Police have launched a “Summer Slowdown” campaign to remind everyone to drive smarter, not faster.

Police produced three videos and are working to promote the messages through social media. “From our experience, most of the accidents we see are attributed to two things: speeding and driver inattention. These are things a driver can control,” said Lt. Michael Johnson, Public Information Officer for Huntsville Police. Officers say they spend more time on the roads than anyone in town and they have a good feel for motorist behavior, whether it’s on a neighborhood street or a major corridor.

“There’s a few simple things drivers can do to keep traffic moving and people safe,” said Captain Ken Brooks, South Precinct Commander. “First, take your foot off the gas. Slow down and put your cell phone away. Stagger your daily commute to avoid peak traffic hours and be sure to leave a little extra time to get to your destination.”

Police encourage everyone to take a deep breath and be patient while contractors improve our roads. Huntsville might be the Rocket City, but let’s slow down this summer. Take it easy on the pedal, Huntsville, and drive smarter, not faster.


Summer Slowdown: Construction Zones

Summer Slowdown: Daily Commute

Summer Slowdown: Neighborhoods


Summer Slowdown: Neighborhoods