Big Spring Park Renovations

September 2, 2016


Something’s happening in Big Spring Park. The city’s most well-used and beloved park is finally getting a $2 million face-lift that includes some badly needed repairs.

If you head down to the park, you will notice a large green fence sectioning off areas where work is occurring. The park renovation is expected to take eight months. Until the park reopens next April, we encourage everyone (especially Pokemon players) to head over to Big Spring Park East and enjoy the sister half of our downtown park.

Repairs on Tap

Here is a list of the major repairs we are addressing in the park and lagoon:

  1. Collapsing seawalls
  2. Poor water flow
  3. Broken and uneven sidewalks
  4. Erosion
  5. Insufficient electrical infrastructure (not enough “juice” for our events and patrons!)

The Show Will Go On

No need to worry about all the fabulous events typically scheduled in Big Spring Park, like Tinsel Trail and Ice-Skating in the Park.  All the happenings will take place in either Big Spring Park East (Tinsel Trail) or by the Museum of Art (ice-skating).


Construction started August 29 and should be finished by April 2017 in time for Panoply.

We appreciate your patience during this construction process, and we look forward to presenting you with the beautiful park you know and love next spring.


image of Big Spring Park