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School Zone Awareness – Huntsville City Schools Back in Session

Published on September 10, 2020

Huntsville Police Badge

The Huntsville City Schools system will begin holding classes soon. Pre-K through 8th Grade will begin September 14th and the High Schools begin September 21st. The Huntsville Police Department wants to remind everyone about school zone safety. These zones are distinctly marked with a lower speed limit during critical times. Officers will be strictly enforcing these school zone speed limits with a zero tolerance policy, as well as other safety concerns around the schools. Alternate routes around school zones may be affected as well with heavier traffic. Please allow yourself extra time to ensure you arrive safely and on time.

There will be approximately 74 HPD Public Safety Aides (School Crossing Guards) directing traffic within these school zones and their primary goal is getting children to and from school safely.  All motorists and pedestrians are required to obey their directions.  Many students will be walking and biking to school and we ask everyone to be extra careful at intersections and crosswalks.  HPD is asking parents to remind their children to always stay on the sidewalks and only cross roadways in designated crosswalks.

Motorists are required to stop for any school bus that has a stop sign extended and/or their red flashing lights activated.  This applies whether you are approaching the bus from the front or the rear.  The only exception is if you are traveling in the opposite direction on a four-lane highway with a divider between the opposing lanes.  The law not only applies to buses stopped on roadways, but also buses stopped on private streets and parking lots to include school campuses.  Penalties for violating this law range from fines to suspension of driver license and community service.

The Public Safety Aides went through an orientation and a training session today at the old Grissom High School. They will go through practical exercises of managing traffic tomorrow at 7am at Bob Wallace Ave and Triana Blvd. Media is invited to attend this exercise.

This has been a very challenging time for school officials and parents alike, The Huntsville Police Department wishes everyone a happy and safe school year!