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Three Officers to be Recognized at City Council Meeting

Published on August 26, 2016

Huntsville Police Department Shield

Huntsville Police Department will be formally recognizing three of its officers at tonight’s City Council meeting for their actions while on duty.


On December 11, 2015, Officer Ricky McCarver was dispatched to a call of a man throwing rocks at vehicle in the 1800 block of University Drive.  Officer McCarver eventually located the male on Cleveland Avenue.   When he attempted to approach him the man attacked Officer McCarver.  He was able to radio for help and other officers responded and took the man into custody.  During the attack Officer McCarver suffered serious facial fractures that required surgery.  Due to the injuries he received in the line of duty, Officer McCarver is being awarded the Huntsville Police Department Purple Heart Medal.


On April 24, 2016, Officer Gargulinski was dispatched to a 911 hang-up call.  When he and other officers arrived they found a man holding a loaded pistol to his head.  The officers attempted to talk the man into dropping the pistol; however, the man pulled the trigger while holding the gun to his head.  Fortunately the weapon failed to fire.  Officer Gargulinski immediately grabbed the firearm while taking the man to the ground.  The man continued to struggle with officers but they eventually gained control of the gun and were able to subdue the man.  Due to Officer Gargulinski’s actions the man is still alive and able to get the help he needs.  Officer Gargulinski is being awarded the Huntsville Police Departments Life Saving Medal.  Officer Rickabaugh assisted in subduing the man and is being presented a Certificate of Commendation.


Officer Gargulinski Officer Rickabaugh Officer McCarver